HEIGHT: 5’4”/163 cm
AGE: Twenties

BUILD: 32DD(natural)-22-34


HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
FIND ME: London, Worldwide

INTERESTS: Wellness, Travel, Literature, Cuisine, Politics, Economics, Music, Tennis, Pilates, History, Film, Art, Beauty, Business

First, thank you for taking the time to discover more about me. It warms my heart to hear that I have piqued your interest in some way, either by my words or with my looks.

I joined the world of professional companionship a little over a year ago, as a way to explore my love of intimacy and of people while completing my degree in Economics at a London university you’ve probably heard of. It was never supposed to be for very long but with the vigour and passion that I pour into everything new I try, I faced this heady world of new friends, exciting adventures, illicit encounters and indescribable experiences head on and fell head over heels in love.


Now, no longer a student, my double life continues. By day, I’m a city girl, crunching numbers and climbing my way up the corporate ladder. But by night, I am the perfect part-time girlfriend to my lovers, combining fun, warmth and intelligence, in a very sexy package.


Who are you? You’re a soon-to-be lover who resonates with the double life I lead. You know all too well that life is too short for regrets and “what ifs” and the best way to enjoy it is to chase amazing new experiences, live the best you can and escape. Escape often. You appreciate an adventurous, beautiful woman who’s only too happy to help you on this journey.

I consider myself a concierge of the sexiest, most memorable experiences and endeavour to make every minute of your time spent with me meaningful, truly intimate and much different from anything else you’ve ever experienced. If you’re thinking to yourself at this point, “Well, she’s very sure of herself, isn’t she?” It’s because I am. I’d love for you to come see for yourself.

With long legs attached to a small frame, deep enticing brown eyes and full lips always longing to be kissed, I certainly garner multiple looks of admiration as I walk into a room. My all-natural hourglass figure is slim and toned, partly thanks to genetics and partly thanks to hours spent in the gym.

I have always thought of myself as a Renaissance Woman, my gifts, interests and hobbies are wide and varied. Perhaps we share a few? I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and you can often find my head buried in a book. My current favourites are anything in feminist literature, Harari and Paul Collier. I enjoy intimacy, travel, beauty, engaging conversations, tennis, music, politics and art.

I would love to meet you and satisfy your curiosity. One thing to warn you though, it’s been said that time spent with me is highly addictive. So on that note, try if you dare.

See you soon. Probably with very little on.


Alissa xx